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Dynamic White LED Light Sheet Panel

Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Lighting Systems

  • Allows the Light Panel to change from cool to warm white
  • Colour temperature range – 3000 to 6500K
  • A range of control options
  • Can be dimmed on the specified colour

‘Dynamic White’ allows continuous colour temperature adjustment to suit a particular environment, task or mood – all adjusted remotely with the minimum of fuss.

All of our Dynamic White LED systems can be controlled with either a simple touch colour wheel remote control or more sophisticated DALI/DMX devices with Bluetooth or Wi-FI.

Also available – Bright Green Technology Dynamic White linear systems

  • Dynamic Retail Displays

    The colour of light is a major factor in managing customers’ perceptions of quality. The infinitely tunable nature of Dynamic White allows designers to customise the retail installation to suit product, message or season – all with a single installation.

  • Dynamic Architectural Applications

    Dynamic White LED Lighting can dramatically alter the entire feel of a space. This illuminates a new world of flexibility, allowing each area to perform distinct roles as the colour temperature shifts.

  • Dynamic Offices, Schools and Hospitals

    A tunable LED system, allowing the same room to shift from a relaxing warm to a refreshing cool and back again, can be used to increase concentration, reduce anxiety, improve sleep patterns and deliver countless other beneficial effects.

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